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   2013 (From Oct)

27TH May 2018

Masses During the Week
Monday 9.00 am
Tue: No Mass.
Wed, Thurs and Fri 9.00 am
Sat: 10.00 am

First Friday
Friday next is the First Friday of June. Usual calls to the housebound will be made during the week.

Trinity Well
Rosary at Trinity Well, Rathclaren, this Sunday (Trinity Sunday) at 8.00 pm. All welcome.

Altar Society
Meeting in sacristy on this Mon night, May 28th, at 9.00 pm.

Procession Meeting
Sunday next is Corpus Christi. Meeting in the Parish House on Tuesday night at 8.00 pm to make arrangements for the procession. All welcome.

 Rosary before weekday Masses for the month of May
 The Legion of Mary will recite the rosary with hymns at the grotto on Monday, being the last Monday of May, at 8.30 pm. Please come along and join us.


General Station
A General Station will be celebrated in Kilbrittain Church on next Wed week, 6th June at 8.00 for the Station Areas which have not hosted a Station this Spring. Spring Dues envelopes (white) are included in the box of offertory envelopes delivered at the end of last year.
● Ardacrow and Cloundereen
● Ballymore, Ballybeg and Knoppogue
● Barleyfield
● Burren
● Clashavanna, Shankiel, Ballinakeen, Coolshinnaguh
● Clashreagh, Killeens, Knockanroe, Hackettstown, Ballydonis and Currowrane
● Coolmain and Granassig
● Cripple Hill, Kielnamoul, Maulnaskinlehane and Maulmane
● Farnagark and Lisheenaleen
● Garrendruig
● Granreigh and Glounavaud
● Knockbrown and Baurleigh
● Maryboro (Cloncalla Mor agus Beag)
● Ratharoon
● Village

The Sacred Heart Novena will take place in Myross Wood from May 31st to June 8th, with two celebrations of Mass daily, at 10.00 am and 8.00 pm, and with a special Children’s liturgy at 4.00 pm on Family Day, Wednesday 6th June. All are welcome.

Canon Bertie O’Mahony Golden Jubilee
Kilbrittain Parish will mark this milestone in the life of one of our most respected parishioners with a Mass and function on Fri June 8th. Everybody is welcome.

+ + + +

Abortion Referendum
Exposing the Elephant in the Room

This is being written on Friday while votes are still being cast but the work of this day – win, lose or draw – cannot but change the nature of the entire game for the Irish Catholic Church. Even in the unlikely event that the ‘No’ prevails by a huge majority, this still leaves us with the reality that hundreds of thousands of Irish Catholics have on 25th May 2018 made themselves part of a force which has as its aim the committing of innumerable murders. And if the push of which they are part succeeds in legalising abortion, these brothers and sisters of ours in Christ will bear on their souls the black stains of murder piling up day after day, not just all the days of their future life but into eternity or until the killing in Ireland which they set in motion comes to an end in the hoped-for time when we become a civililized country again.

Nobody who votes ‘Yes’ today can plead ignorance before their Maker. For once, the Irish Church clearly and repeatedly asserted the message that voting for abortion was not an option for a Catholic, and did so in every one of the almost countless media of communication with which we are both blessed and bombarded each and every day.

So, who is a Catholic in Ireland tonight? Well, every baptised person still is and always will be. No matter what we do, we are always encouraged and welcome to worship as part of the community, both by being physically present and being present in spirit. As Catholics, we will always, in life and in death, be included in the prayers of the Church.

BUT the Irish Catholic Church cannot go on pretending that everybody who turns up for Mass on Sunday, everybody who brings a child for baptism or First Holy Communion, everybody who books a wedding in a Catholic Church is truly in Communion with the Faithful. The Church is catholic, meaning that it holds its truths to be universal and unchanging, and those who strive to live by those truths must be affirmed without fear for the consequences. What sets people like this apart isn’t that they are Saints but that they know, through accepting the Word of God and the teaching of the Church, that they are sinners and they acknowledge their need for the Sacrament of Penance.

Ah, the Sacrament of Penance. One view is that the events of this day began long years ago when some Catholics decided that they weren’t going to go through the embarrassment of confession any more and started to excuse their small sins. Then they started absolving themselves of big sins. Then they decided nothing they did could ever be a sin (but, of course, their neighbours were always sinning)!

I mentioned the existence of Hell last Sunday. I heard with satisfaction and amusement that, on the highways and byways, surprise was expressed by some at news of the reality of that place. I think that was like a GAA supporter asking if there really was such a place as Croke Park!

Fr Jerry